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About the Project

    The aim of the international Project Martinelli is to stress the historical connections between European countries, especially between Italy and the Czech Republic, which are connected by the architectural work of Domenico Martinelli (1650-1718). This architect of the Baroque era belongs to the most important personalities of his time. Martinelli´s activities touched not only Bohemia and Moravia, but also Rome, Vienna and other metropolis of Europe.

    The core of the Project Martinelli consists of a series of lectures and concerts closely connected to Martinelli´s personality and the time of his life. The day of lectures, which is part of the project, will consist of lectures given by the top Europen specialists in art history - Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Lorenz from the Department of History of Art of the University of Vienna, prof. Jiří Kroupa from the Department of the History of Art of the Masaryk University Brno, PhDr. Stanislav Bohadlo from the Pedagogical Faculty Hradec Králové and other scientists. The musical part of the project consists of a series of concerts given by the expert in the field of music of Italian Baroque Joel Frederiksen (USA). Part of the project is also a planned edition of book about Domenico Martinelli in several languages.

    This project will take place not only in the City of Prague, but also in other towns and places, which are connected to Martinelli´s life and work (Rousínov).

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