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Principal dates of the life and work of Domenico Martinelli

1650 Is born on November 30th in Lucca
He gets his first education as a geometer and-surveyor from his father Paolino; after his father’s death he prepares for the clerical profession
1673 Admitted to holy orders of a priest, but simultaneously still works as a land-surveyor. His first architectural studies are created
1678 Moves to Rome at the end of the year



Studies architecture at the San Luca Academy


Is awarded the First Prize at the architectural contest organized by the Academy in both these years

1683 Works as a teacher of architecture and perspective at the San Luca Academy (up to 1690) and simultaneously holds the position of a judge and an appraiser as well; He gets smaller orders from the city of Rome and his native town Lucca
after 1683

Designs the Piarist College for the town of Francavilla in Apulia
Makes designs for the Polish King John III Sobieski

1687 Designs the Pilgrimage Church in Anagni

Leaves for Vienna



At first (approx. up to 1693) Martinelli is in service of Count Harrach (City Palace)


Gets first contacts for his most important future submitters– Count Kaunitz and Prince Lichtenstein
Begins to plan the redesign of the Austerlitz Castle


Makes numerous buildings and designs for the Vienna gentry (city palaces of the noble families of Kaunitz, Strattmann, Sinzendorf and others)
Garden Palaces of the noble families of Cernin, Obizzi, Stockhammer, Liechtenstein and others)
Architectural work in Moravia (Banov, Letonice etc.)

1692 Gets first contacts to Prague (Sternberg Palace)

End of 1694- beginning of 1698 Stays in THE NETHERLANDS AND GERMANY

Martinelli accompanies Count Kaunitz on his diplomatic mission as an Emperor’s envoy to Haag

1695 Designs the high altar of the Passau Cathedral
Makes designs for German princes (Elector Johann Wilhelm von der Pfalz, Elector Lothar Franz von Schönborn of Mayence)
Still supervises the buildings he has began to construct in Vienna and Moravia
1696 Palace for the English King William III of Orange in Brussels

1698-1699 VIENNA

Works mainly as a "private architect" of Count Kaunitz (now Imperial Vice-Chancellor) in his Moravian estates (Austerlitz, Uhersky Brod etc.)

1698 Lanskroun Castle for Count Liechtenstein
1699 stays in Heidelberg and Düsseldorf, designs for the Elector Johann Wilhelm

1699-1700 Returns to ROME

For a short time works as a teacher at the San Luca Academy; Carlo Fontana gets him new contacts for Prague submitters (Count Martinitz)

1700 returns to Vienna in summer

since 1700

Designs for Prague (noble families of Martinitz and Kolowrat)


Consults on the construction of the Premonstratensian monastery in Hradiste near Olomouc; Gets new contacts for Poland (?)
Main Martinelli’s activities consist in the designs for Count Kaunitz (Austerlitz)


Count Kaunitz dies in January
Martinelli prepares for his return to Italy
In summer there is an alleged attempt to acquire  Martinelli as ”Ingegnero Cesareo“
Returns to Italy in October

1706-1718 ROME and LUCCA
since 1706 he teaches again at the San Luca Academy even though with some interruptions
Makes small designs for Italian submitters (Marchese Malaspina – Fosdinovo and Caniparola)
1716 returns to Lucca
1718 dies in Lucca on September 11 after a long illness

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